The Original

The Original

Flow turbines - world first
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Play of colors

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Energy Is Everywhere

Energy Is Everywhere

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Low Wind Speed Systems

Flow turbines by LWS Systems GmbH & Co. KG

Wind – in comparison to other renewable enegeries – is available all of the time. This principle was the starting point for our research, to develop a system that can deliver energy, even during weak or fluctuating wind. It is small, but efficient and guarantees a wide range of usage implementation. In this way, the system should also remain affordable for private consumers.

At a current zone between ground level and a height of ten meters, the use of the wind for repeller-driven generators, is extremely difficult and does not create yield. Here, our wind modules adopt the turbulent wind currents and adapt themselves through their construction that runs in direction of the wind. Through higher installations, a higher yield can be attained.

Our current turbines fill a gap in the extraction of renewable energies that, up to now, has maintained an updeveloped applicability. They can be implemented in a wide variety of ways and be combined in almost any way desired.


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